Zero-Down Solar Power

Get Solar Installed With No Up-Front Costs... Then Just Pay For The Solar Power By The Month, Just Like Your Utility Bill, Only Cheaper!


Protect yourself from ever increasing utility costs.

Residential electricity customers in most areas of the country experienced large increases in retail electricity during 2014.  The increase represents the highest annual growth rate since 2008, and EIA forecasts that prices will continue to increase during 2015.  Thanks to innovations in solar technology, financing and incentives, it's now more affordable than ever before for homeowners to switch to solar power.

  • Save thousands of dollars with $0 down!
  • Get predictable energy rates for years to come!
  • Increase the value of your home!
  • Create energy independence and help save the environment!
  • Start saving day 1!

Why work with Zero Down Solar?

Zero Down Solar knows that going solar can seem overwhelming with so many companies offering different panels and prices.  With Zero Down Solar we provide each homeowner with a customized solar quote based on their energy needs and usable roof space.  This ensures that you will save the maximum amount of money, and you can rest easy because all of our systems come with warranties and production guarantees.

How much will you save?

Going solar is a long term investment. Powering your home UTILIZING THE SUN IS MORE AFFORDABLE than the dirty resources your electricity company is using to generate your electricity, so that the SAVINGS IS PASSED ON TO YOU THE CUSTOMER.

Our goal is to maximize your savings by analyzing your home and tailor a solar system specifically designed for your homes energy needs. How much you will save on day one will depend on how many kilowatt-hours you currently use, the usable space on your roof, and the direction of your roof. The savings from day one may be modest, but over the 20 years you could SAVE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

The only way to ensure maximum energy savings and increased comfort is to evaluate every aspect of the home. This is why we provide every client with a free home energy assessment and build an energy savings proposal detailing your savings. Your proposal will show you what you pay your utility company today, what you will save month one, and what you should save over the life of the system.

  • Get a customized solar quote
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Secure lower energy rates
  • Start with no upfront cost

What Our Clients Have To Say...

"We have found the entire experience with Zero Down Solar to be fantastic. Everyone has been very professional and courteous and moved the process along expeditiously and smoothly. We are thrilled to have turned on our system yesterday and look forward to generating electricity to save. We would definitely be happy to recommend Zero Down Solar to our friends and others"

"I want to thank Zero Down Solar. My electric bill was atrocious and now I can't believe it. It is so low. Zero Down Solar made the experience seamless. All I had to do was call and they basically did the rest. They took care of everything. Love it."

Eric S.