Solar 101

1. Sunlight captured by solar panels creates DC power

2. DC power is sent to the inverter to turn DC power into AC

3. The AC power generated is available for use in your home

4. Excess power is fed into the grid & registered by the net meter. Credits are then paid by your energy supplier

Does a solar system make financial sense for me?

Yes! Solar is cleaner and less expensive than power from the utility company. Solar is a smart financial investment because you will save money on electrical costs for years to come and increase your home value. Our customers who purchase their system typically see a strong Return on Investment (ROI) and expect to recoup their solar system investment within 5-10 years. Depending on the rebates and incentives offered in your area, you may be able to pay back your system even sooner.

With a solar lease, and SolarPPA you do not have a big upfront payment and can save your money for other opportunities. And you lock in a lower monthly rate for your energy usage.

You can get a quick, high level estimate by speaking with one of our knowledgeable energy consultants.

Will solar work on my home?

We hope so! The two biggest factors are the amount sunlight you get throughout the day and the amount of open roof space. We can give you a quick assessment by looking at satellite photos of your property. If your roof looks good, we will schedule a follow-up free solar consultation where one of our experts will to evaluate if a solar power system will fit with your architecture and meet your energy needs. They will provide a detailed proposal including recommended system location, size, pricing and financial analysis.

Should I wait for new technology?

No, now is really the best time to invest in a solar system with the combination of technology and cost. The underling benefit of turning sunlight into electricity will not change for as long as we still use electricity to power our homes and businesses! We continue to evaluate new technology and will offer it to our customers once it becomes a reliable and cost effective option.

The other key component in evaluating the right time to install solar is government incentives. Federal and state governments are currently offering generous incentives to go solar; however, these programs are designed to reward early adopters of solar power, so the rebate amount per project continues to drop as the allotted funds are consumed.

What size solar system do I need?

Every home and business is different, so the size of your system will depend on your energy needs, roof space and solar goals. Residential solar power systems are typically 3-10 kW

How reliable is solar power?

Solar systems built today are very reliable. They have proven to be dependable sources of energy for large office buildings, mass retailers and governmental agencies, supplying megawatts of energy. we have incredible high quality standards and only use best of breed equipment—we build our systems to last.

Is it proven technology?

The technology has been around for over 50 years and some of the initial solar cells are still operating today. The panels are designed to produce at least 80% of their initial power even after 25 years. The efficiency and cost has significantly improved in the last 5 years.

Can my HOA or neighbors prevent me from installing a solar system?

In a lot of cases, no. Currently, 39 states have solar access laws that provide varying degrees of protection against restrictions that can be imposed on you. Your local Zero Down Solar consultant will be able to discuss the laws and policies in your area.

I don't plan on being in my home for 30 years.  Why would I add solar?

People move more frequently now than ever before, but that shouldn’t impact your solar decision. A solar system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as five to seven years. Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost will likely be returned in added value to your home.

Plus, your home will most likely sell faster. Who doesn’t want a home with a guaranteed low electric bill? Our warranty is even transferable one time to a new owner.